House of Movement
School for yoga and chi kung

House of Movement is ontstaan uit Iyengar Yoga Studio Groningen. De school biedt wekelijkse lessen, verdiepingslessen en workshops.

Er zijn de hele zomer lessen. / There will be classes during the summer.

Het is op ieder moment in het jaar mogelijk om een proefles yoga en/of chi kung te doen en een cursus te beginnen.  / You can do a tryout class and start a course throughout the year. 

If so wished, the classes are taught in English/Dutch.


Our body is our first and foremost home. Each moment of sitting, standing, walking or lying down can be a moment of practise, connection, returning to origin. This can be of value in the process of living. House of Movement intends to offer a place of research where you can freely explore in an environment of careful attention to detail and support.

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