The weekly yoga classes are methodical. They are based on short asana sequences I have developed over the years. 17 of them are collected in this yoga/art book, a guide for home practice.

If so wished, the sequences can be performed in half an hour. They open a space for profound study and understanding of the basics in order to know what to guard where the poses are more complex. In the book there are 7 sequences preparing for the main asana groups like standing postures, forward extensions etc. And 7 programmes for different parts of the body like fe. the psoas muscle, lower back. Three more sequences are included ;  a play with gravity, an easy sequence and a short practice for relaxation.

When you are new to yoga this approach is a good way to lay a foundation, if you have more experience you can use the sequences for refinement and clarity.

Info :

Book design / Works Berber Geerts

Photography Robert van der Molen