The yoga classes are rooted in the method of B.K.S. Iyengar. A central aspect in this active yoga form is technical refinement in performing the yoga posture, which calms and energizes the body-mind system. Props like belts, blocks, blankets, chairs and pillows are used to make such a practice possible.

Each yoga class starts with a short sequence of about 6 asanas. Every week the short sequence is different, traveling the asana groups and key ingredients. With this you can gather recipes for half an hour sessions that can help sustain a balanced practice.



(…) what do the Italians do so well? What they do is they think how can I respect the ingredients in the best way I can? Therefore I am interfering the least but having enough of myself that I’ve put my heart into this. It’s not really about knowledge, it’s about passion. And it’s about an attitude.
-Nigella Lawson, Talks at Google