The yoga classes are rooted in the method of B.K.S. Iyengar. A central aspect in this yoga form is technical refinement in performing the asana (yoga posture). To be able to practise in a way that brings health, props like belts, blocks, blankets, chairs and pillows are used.

In the yoga classes the emphasis lies on communicating with gravity and the space around in order to build up the strength of the body and the shape of the asana.

For the asana to come into existence we make use of time. By a connection of mind and body with the ground and the other directions, a slow unfolding of the yoga posture takes place. Unity is found by balancing the outward direction with the inner response. The asana becomes a place where an internal healing movement can be nourished and experienced.

At the end of each class, during the relaxation, a revitalizing process takes place wherein mind, energy and body integrate and come to rest.