Chi kung

Zhan Zhuang (pronounce ’tsjam tsjong’) Chi Kung is the art of standing still. Stillness being embraced as the mother of all movement. The name of this style can be translated into ‘pole standing’ or ‘standing like a tree’.

Chi kung cultivates our vital energy by exercises that can bring back original movement, body posture and breathing. Zhan Zhuang is practiced in the natural possibilities of the body; mainly standing upright, but also in sitting position or lying down. Relaxation is the basis of this practice form. Therefore the training brings a combined development of strength and release.


Weekly chi kung class
Thursday 20.00 – 21.15

Weekly outdoor chi kung 
Wednesday 9.00 – 10.15

Tryout class  €12
Single class  €18
7 classes in 7 weeks  €105,-
13 classes in 13 weeks  €169,-
Forest training (one day)  €75,-