Chi kung

Zhan Zhuang (pronounce ‘tsjam tsjong’) is one of the most fundamental styles of chi kung. The name of this style can be freely translated into ‘standing like a tree’. Chi kung cultivates our vital energy by exercises that can bring back original movement, body posture and breathing. Zhan Zhuang is practiced in the natural possibilities of the body; mainly standing upright, but also in sitting position or lying down. Relaxation is the basis of this practice form. Therefore the training brings a combined development of strength and release.



When solar energy arrives on Earth and strikes the upper atmosphere, this energy becomes manifest as the movement of air. As these winds of air move over the ocean they create waves of water. When these waves of water crash onto a beach their energy becomes manifest as vibrations in the sand. The energy itself is not made of sunlight or air or water or sand, but it manifests its presence in the movements of these ‘tissues’ of the Earth.   – Paul Grilley, Yin Yoga