Forest training

Humans are nature in all ways. To bring this state into our consciousness has the potential to heal body, mind and spirit. And so we might practice in nature for remembrance.

The forest can inform our practice in a multitude of ways. Training in nature can be an invitation, to listen, and integrate into ourselves, into our movements, the heartbeat of the living world.

The forest days offer a mix of standing still chi kung, chi kung walks and steps and being in silence.



Earth is wild. Being aware of this cosmic wildness shared by all life opens up the possibility to deepen our practice, to position and activate ourselves in accordance with this given. To experience a sense of fully being here, inhabiting the world around us, our bodies, the shape of the pose. ‘Space taking’ leads to ‘space making’. In joints and tissues, in mind. Outward living is inner thriving. Can the posture be a place of union, between our body and the larger body that is our planet, a place of rewilding? – Berber Geerts