Outdoor training

Compared with training indoors practicing chi kung outside offers added, or other, possibilities for development and immunity. We train in the good company of trees who can teach us about how to articulate ourselves into space. The natural environment with its sounds, scents, colours, distances and better air quality is beneficial to the senses and beyond. Outdoor practise of chi kung also allows us to move from one season to another consciously and so to address personal needs we might have at such times. Shinrin-Yoku

Weekly outdoor WALKING CHI KUNG (see ‘Classes’)

CHI KUNG SPRING WALK   25 April 2021
The chi kung spring walk is a walk in the forest combined with chi kung training. We walk amongst the trees inviting simplicity, just being, just walking, just standing.

WE TRAIN IN THE FOREST   30 May & 20 June 2021
We train in the forest
is a one day training in a forest not far away from Groningen. The training is about doing and returning to stillness, playing and seriousness, being with trees and water and all of the living world and wandering paths without speaking. The day offers a mix of chi kung, Muay Thai boxing inspired exercises, yoga, walking and climbing.

The chi kung spring walk and we train in the forest days are guided by Daniel Hillenga and Berber Geerts. Daniel has been training Muay Thai boxing intensively for a long period starting from his childhood years. More recently he practises yoga and chi kung. Berber Geerts is a longtime teacher and practitioner of yoga and chi kung and founder of House of Movement.